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After an accident occurs, you are vulnerable. You’ve been in a car wreck or truck accident and your first thought is to sue.  However, personal injury law settlement and lawsuits are complicated and generally lengthy.  We have a number of options for you to consider in pursuing a recovery.  After you talk with us, and you will find that to be easy to do, you will be confident in your legal representation. Handling your case effectively, aggressively and with compassion is our philosophy. We are your best Advocate.  We are your advocate.


After an accident occurs, you are vulnerable. You must be confident in your legal representation. Handling your case effectively, aggressively, and with compassion is our philosophy. We are your best Advocate.  We are well tested in law: over 30 years excelling, meeting traditional and established standards, leaders in the profession and for our clients, committed to scholarship and strength. You deserve nothing less.

We understand how much damage there is to your life right now.  There are many stresses and uncertainties.  We are here to help you get through all of challenges including the financial ones.

How to handle your personal injury case AND YOUR ACCIDENT CLAIM

Personal injury, in the state of Michigan, has been our business for years. Few can compete with our level of understanding, compassion, and success. You may be thinking the following questions.
  • Should I answer questions without asking a personal injury attorney?
  • Should I give information without the knowledge of a personal injury attorney?
  • Should I make statements without consulting a personal injury attorney?

The answer to all of the above questions is “no.” Victims of accidents need lawyers for personal injury cases that represent all of the issues that they are dealing with: pain, personal issues, medical issues, property damages and possibly financial ruin. No two personal injury lawyers in Michigan, or elsewhere, are alike, and none share identical skill-sets. Research is important, but more importantly, you should spend time talking with an attorney to decide if this is a professional that you can rely on, and trust. A personal injury case is about your life, your health and your recovery.

You basically get one bite of the apple here. Your choice of attorney must be the best. Personal injury accident victims want more than lawyers who look at them as just “a case”. You are not just a car crash or settlement at OurAdvocate. The burden of personal injury can be overwhelming—and we are here to help ease the load. Talking to us is easy.

Your call or email is more than a free consultation. It is an opportunity for us to get to know you better, your accident particulars and the medical and financial circumstances that you are facing. We care about that, as you will see. We prove it every day in our work with our clients.

OurAdvocates offer to each and every client they represent in Michigan or as might be represented by professionals elsewhere in surrounding states, the complete, full commitment of advocates who will use a strong voice in the client’s representation and their protection.

Call now for help or listen to our attorneys explain common questions on Our-Advocate FAQs.

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Our Personal Injury Services

OurAdvocate excels in offering the following services, promises and benefits to personal injury victims:

  • Free initial consultation to establish the merits of your case, and logical next steps. Either via phone, at your residence, or in one of our several Michigan offices.
  • Expertise in: Personal injury, dog bites, wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, nursing home injuries, premises liability, construction site injuries, etc. both in Michigan, and throughout the country.
  • A guarantee that all clients will be treated with compassion and understanding.
  • Thirty years of combined experience that we can use to focus on making sure your case is handled properly by our team of qualified personal injury attorneys.
  • A network of colleagues, associates, and friends whom we can call upon to make sure the best minds are looking at your situation.
  • A promise that we will work in a proper, dedicated manner, and treat each case with priority and compassion.
  • Our response time to e-mails and calls will be prompt and courteous.
  • We will invite your contributions, criticisms, and guidance throughout the entire process of your case.
  • We will continue to be there for you when your case is over, helping with: Financial planning, estate planning, career planning, personal education, physical rehabilitation, or mental rehabilitation.
  • Continue to work hard to be the best personal injury attorneys in the state of Michigan!
OurAdvocate can help you. Fill out our form for a free consultation, and let’s talk more about your personal injury case. You haven’t seen our Michigan lawyers on TV, but you will see an outstanding team of diligent legal professionals who will work on your behalf until you are happy with the outcome.



Throughout the process they were accessible, thorough, and attentive.  They were able to settle my claim in a timely fashion, at near policy limits, without depositions or other costly expenses - and entirely by exchanging information electronically.  We didn’t even have to go to trial.

I would recommend them, unconditionally, to anyone in a personal injury matter of any kind.

Sincerely, Toni P.

Someone hit me in an auto accident and hurt my back and neck. I couldn’t work; it was painful and difficult doing simple chores in my home. The insurance company claimed that I was at fault in the accident. They claimed I wasn’t seriously injured. The insurance company was adversarial and threatened to stop my “lost wage“ benefits. When I called they immediately called a forensic expert, who examined my car and concluded that I was the victim in the accident. This caused the insurance company to re-evaluate my case. They continued my lost wage benefit and quickly negotiated a large settlement.

Ms. D. K.

I am totally satisfied with the results of my case. I think you are very educated in your profession and I am confident and trust your ability. You are a very good lawyer [and] you do your job well. Thank you for justifying my loss.

Ms. K. S.