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Dog Bites

Michigan Dog Bite Attorneys and Dog Bite Law – Need a dog bite lawyer?

What to do after you are bitten by a dog! Advocates for Injured Victims of Dog Bites

Any of these scenarios may be a personal injury case.

  • Dog Bite Injuries
  • Dog Attacks
  • Dog Jump Causing Falls

The National Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 4.7 million people a year are bitten by a dog including  1008 non fatal dog bites a day on average seeking emergency room attention and 33 fatal dog bites or mauls called “canine homicides”. These victims seek dog bite lawyers with specialty in dog bite personal law.

 “I have been bitten by a dog.”  “Do I have a dog bite case?” Many people want to know, does the law protect the dog or the injured?  Dog bite cases require a very diligent legal staff to determine how dog bite law will affect both the victim and the dog.

Michigan Dog Bite Law – Michigan is a strict liability statue state meaning that the owner of the dog is responsible for all damage caused by a dog attack.  The defendant must own the dog and the dog must have bitten the victim for the case to qualify for this.  Disqualification of the strict liability statute may arise if the victim unlawfully entered private property. "Provocation" along with "trespassing" is a defense to the strict liability of the Dog Bite Act.

Some states are “one bite states” and others are “combination” states for dog bites.  According to the CDC and American has a one in 50 chance of being bit.  There are differing opinions about dog bites and dangerous and vicious breeds.

With every personal injury case, you must preserve the evidence.  Generally you have three years on the statute of limitations to report the case.  The owner of the dog must be identified by various methods, such as veterinarian’s records, county licensing or witnesses who know the dog owner.

The injury should be documented with pictures and medical records.  You should seek attorney representation as soon as you are medically able.

How do you recover damages in a dog bite case?

The most common method of recovery is homeowners insurance.  If a dog injures you, in the state of Michigan, you do have legal recourse.  In most cases the owner is responsible for the damages to the victim.

At OurAdvocate, our teams are seeing an ever-growing number of cases resulting from dog attacks, dog bites and dog jumps. The injuries we are seeing can be incredibly severe. We have dealt with cases of severe scarring, broken bones from falls and severe blood loss. We are recognized as accomplished Michigan dog bite attorneys.

Legal Classification of a Dangerous Dog - How is a dog classified as a “dangerous or vicious breed”?

The legal meaning of "dangerous dog”  according to the CDC is a dog classified upon its actions, its breed, or the actions of its owner, either before or after an official hearing, pursuant to the law of the jurisdiction where the dog is present. A dog classified as "dangerous" or "vicious" is subject to being confined or kept pursuant to strict rules, and might even be euthanized, and its owner can be fined, jailed and ordered to do or not do things in the future that pertain to animals.

Dangerous Dog Code is usually found in state, municipal and city law.

Dog Law and Dangerous Breeds and Dangerous Owners

Dangerous breeds can cause incredible damage to a human being.  Most dogs and dog owners are harmless, but some breeds are known as potentially dangerous due to the records from dog bites, attacks and fatalities: pit bull, Rottweiler, German shepherd, bull terrier and Doberman are some of the better known breeds of this potential classification. Owners who do not control these dogs can worsen the natural aggressiveness and the aggressiveness may result in heightened injuries such as scarring, deformity and severe bleeding.  Some of the dog attacks we have seen from these breeds have resulted in horrendous scarring and have necessitated major plastic surgery.

A person who falls from a dog jumping on them may also have a personal injury case. Some dogs are simply not trained to keep from jumping on people. If a dog is large enough to knock you down, broken bones and soft tissue injuries can result.  These damages too may be recoverable in the state of Michigan and many other states as well.

Some people do not consider whether they have a remedy for their injuries because an animal caused the injuries. Nevertheless, in many instances, a dog owner is responsible for his or her dog and you are entitled to recovery.

If a dog has injured you, do not hesitate to call OurAdvocate. 1- 248 – 841 - 1060