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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents – There is simply a better way in personal injury law, and we practice it!  You are a victim of a personal injury accident and we treat your case as we would our family members.

Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Motor Cycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Water Sport Accidents - Representation with belief in you!

The most common personal injury cases are motor vehicle accidents; according to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, there were 316,057 in 2008 in the state of Michigan.  These car accidents can be complicated with intoxication by drugs and drunk driving, speeding drivers, bicycles and motorcycles, multiple vehicles at intersections with confusing right aways, juvenile drivers, senior drivers and a host of other things.  Even fender-benders can cause whiplash.

Every one minute and forty seconds a motor vehicle crash occurs in Michigan.  Our team at OurAdvocate will analyze your accident case from all angles to get you the compensation you deserve.

Car Accidents – You can recover without living through the accident all over again!

In a metro area such as Detroit, car accidents are frequent.   Car accidents can cause severe injuries, such as brain damage and spinal cord injury, but they can also cause life-altering, debilitating injuries that are not as “obvious,” such as whiplash and soft-tissue injuries. Car accidents can also cause or involve pedestrian injury or bicycle accidents and injuries. In some cases when injuries are not as obvious, you will need an experienced attorney advocate to supervise and present your case.  If you have been in a car accident, call OurAdvocate today.

Truck Accidents – There are many types of error in truck accidents.

Truck, semi, and big-rig accidents and collisions involve a complicated group of laws as well as complex evidence. The trucking industry is heavily regulated, so an accident involving a truck involves many regulations and laws. Moreover, the injuries are often incredibly severe and they often have wrongful death claims associated. Death, paralysis, severe burns and brain injury caused by truck driver negligence occurs at an alarming rate. If you or someone you know has been injured in a trucking accident, call OurAdvocate today.

Motorcycle Accidents, Snowmobile Accidents and ATV, All Terrain Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are also common, and also can involve severe injuries such as brain injuries and death. Motorcycle accident victims and other recreational vehicle accident victims should not hesitate to contact our legal lions because they believe injuries are just “part of riding.” The negligence of others entitles you to compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries, snowmobile Accidents and ATV Accidents Call OurAdvocate today.

Water Sports Accidents

The recreational setting in the beautiful state of Michigan provides many circumstances for water accidents:  boating accidents, jet-ski accidents and water skiing are a few. Riding the waves could likely involve Maritime Law.  Our team handles boating accidents, jet-ski accidents, water skiing accidents, and other water sport related injuries. Call OurAdvocate today.

These examples show how incredibly complicated it can be for a person to deal with a case, or handle an insurance company on their own.  OurAdvocate provides a unique and caring approach that encourages quicker compensation, without the pain of years of waiting. Remember, the insurance company has adjusters and lawyers working hard for their company. Make sure you have someone fighting for you! That someone should be OurAdvocate.

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